June 29, 2018, saw me in Encinitas, California, for a Plant Health Care (PHC) workshop co-presenting with Mike Raupp, Ph.D., an entomologist from the University of Maryland. These “roadshows” are put on by the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA), our national arborist association, and sponsored by various companies. In this instance, the sponsor was Rainbow Treecare Scientific Advancements out of Texas.

Attendees were introduced to methods and best management practices in plant health care and integrated pest management (IPM) from monitoring for insect and disease issues, diagnosing, and prescribing treatment to learning characteristics of healthy soil. There were classroom lectures by both Mike and I, a presentation and demonstration of their equipment from Rainbow Treecare Scientific Advancements representatives and a hands-on walk through the botanic gardens identifying insects and disease issues as well as how best to manage them.

We had a diverse group of participants from experienced professionals to “newcomers” to PHC wanting to know how to incorporate a pro-active service into their company’s structure. Everyone stayed attentive and focused to the last. Which is really saying something because it was an intense 8 hours with short breaks and a quick lunch.

For me, well, it was a wonderful experience. I love talking to people about trees and soils. Everywhere I have spoken I have been met by people who are seriously interested in learning more. And I find I always learn something from them as well. You simply can’t know enough and talking with people in different climates, zones and regions exposes you to situations you just don’t meet “at home”. And yet, you also find a common bond or theme. I have yet to meet with an arborist and not had something in common to talk about.

Looking forward to the next Roadshow in Cleveland, OH, August 9, 2018, at Cleveland Botanic Garden Woodland.   If you are interested, the Upcoming Events page on this website has the registration link.

San Diego Botanic Gardens, Encinitas, California

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