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harvesting and redirecting rain water

By: Sylvia McNeill © 2021 McNeill’s Tree Service Living in an area of limited rainfall and still desiring to have some vegetative growth is often challenging.   Whereas I do recommend planting reasonably for your area, making use of rain water is a great way… Continue Reading “harvesting and redirecting rain water”

Terms to understand

Every discipline and industry have their own set of terms. Many of these terms are everyday words but become specialized within a discipline. Arboriculture is no different. Sometimes it is helpful, even necessary, to know and understand the term in order to fully grasp… Continue Reading “Terms to understand”

Diversity in Landscapes

In the arboricultural industry there is a great deal of talk about the necessity of planting a diversity of species of trees in the urban forest.   The theory, if you will, is to avoid catastrophic loss in case of disease or insect pressures that… Continue Reading “Diversity in Landscapes”

What is an Urban Forest?

There are probably as many different definitions for an urban forest as there are people you ask. One definition on the internet stated simply it was a densely wooded area located in a city. Hmmmm, well. Do they mean a remnant of an original… Continue Reading “What is an Urban Forest?”

There Are No “Trash” Trees

There are many wonderful tree species in the world. Far too many to rate or designate as to which ones are “the best”. Because “the best” becomes relative to area, site and personal preference: “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.” Unfortunately, it… Continue Reading “There Are No “Trash” Trees”

Plants: Native vs Non-native

Are native tree species truly more drought tolerant than non-native tree species?

Fun With Volunteers

Ok, I bet you think this post will be about the human volunteers that come in so handy at many events. Au contraire. Let’s talk about that other biological volunteer, the plant that pops up where you didn’t plant it. Volunteers come in many… Continue Reading “Fun With Volunteers”

Are We Repeating Ourselves?

Of course we are. In what context am I talking about? Well, you actually could say almost any topic. However, here on my blog, the topics are generally trees and soils. You will probably read information you have heard before and wonder why I… Continue Reading “Are We Repeating Ourselves?”

GET ACQUAINTED WITH McNeill’s Tree Service

Welcome to McNeill’s Tree Service website.  Our company was created by my husband, David, in 1985. Born in Massachusetts, David had always had a passion for being outdoors and climbing trees.  More than once as a child, his mother found him high up in… Continue Reading “GET ACQUAINTED WITH McNeill’s Tree Service”