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The Life of a street tree

By: Sylvia McNeill © 2021 McNeill’s Tree Service Talk about a tough life.  Before I start on what could well end up being a rant, let me state:  there are no trees “native” to the built environment.  When discussing the built environment, we are… Continue Reading “The Life of a street tree”

harvesting and redirecting rain water

By: Sylvia McNeill © 2021 McNeill’s Tree Service Living in an area of limited rainfall and still desiring to have some vegetative growth is often challenging.   Whereas I do recommend planting reasonably for your area, making use of rain water is a great way… Continue Reading “harvesting and redirecting rain water”

Proper Water management

By Sylvia McNeill © 2020 McNeill’s Tree Service Proper water management is important for maximizing a tree’s potential its entire life. It is especially critical during the establishment period after transplanting. The big problem is knowing how much is enough and how much is… Continue Reading “Proper Water management”

Creating a Tree Island

One of the primary recommendations when planting a tree is to create a protective area around it, a buffer zone, separating the tree from the lawn. Which is where many people plant a new tree, smack dab in the middle of an existing lawn.… Continue Reading “Creating a Tree Island”

Top Dressing vs Soil Amendments

The importance for understanding how you use a product is due to the potential ramifications of the application. A soil amendment typically refers to a product intended to be incorporated into the soil, and therefore, is generally well-decomposed. A top dressing generally refers to a product which… Continue Reading “Top Dressing vs Soil Amendments”

Plant Health Care

Plant Health Care (PHC) is a term often denoting a service offered by companies in the green industry indicating the company offers a comprehensive program to manage the health, structure and appearance of plants in the landscape. If they don’t offer an aspect of… Continue Reading “Plant Health Care”

Biotic Diseases and What to do about them

Biotic refers to “living” as opposed to non-living which is referred to as abiotic.  Biotic diseases are pathogenic, infectious and can spread from plant-to-plant, generally of the same species.  They are caused by organisms such as fungi, bacteria, viruses, nematodes and mycoplasma-like organisms (MLOs). … Continue Reading “Biotic Diseases and What to do about them”

Abiotic disorders and what to do about them

Abiotic refers to “non-living” as opposed to biotic (living). An abiotic disorder is a plant malfunction caused by non-living, environmental or human-made agents. Yes, humans are living but generally the implements they wield which harm trees are not: e.g., lawn mowers, weed eaters, vehicles,… Continue Reading “Abiotic disorders and what to do about them”

Benefits of a Tree Island

First off, some of you might be asking “what is a tree island?” Picture a tropical island surrounded with water, there is your island. Now place that island in your landscape surrounded by turf grass, plant a tree in it and, voila, you have… Continue Reading “Benefits of a Tree Island”


This may seem an odd topic for an arborist and blatant lover of trees.  But when dealing with innumerable clients over the years as well as speaking to groups (who are not directly clients), you have to stay realistic.  Some people are just simply… Continue Reading “THE LOVE/HATE RELATIONSHIP WITH TREES”