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Common concerns about newly planted trees

Perhaps it is simply human nature to want instant gratification. We plant a tree and, well, we want it to look beautiful and grow vigorously right away! We have this image of a mature, lovely specimen gracing our property, shading our patio, providing all… Continue Reading “Common concerns about newly planted trees”

The Importance of Not Planting a Tree Too Deep

Planting a tree too deep is a major contributor to trees failing to thrive. And, in fact, if it is a sensitive species, it can contribute to establishment failure and death in a relatively short time. What does “planting a tree too deep” mean?… Continue Reading “The Importance of Not Planting a Tree Too Deep”

Selecting a Quality Specimen to Plant

If you have not read my blog on Selecting a Tree to Plant, I encourage you to do so as it has information you need to know prior to heading to the nursery to make your purchase. Supposing you have those details in hand,… Continue Reading “Selecting a Quality Specimen to Plant”

Selecting a Tree to Plant

Spring is just around the corner and you are determined to plant a new tree. How do you make a good decision? What IS a good decision? We are often asked for suggestions on species to plant. It is never a quick or easy… Continue Reading “Selecting a Tree to Plant”