Tree Species Profile

This category is being created to introduce or reacquaint people with various species; primarily trees, but you never know what else may creep in.  Since I am most familiar with the trees where I am located, the preponderance will be on species suited to this area.  However, as I have traveled, and will hopefully be able to continue to do so, I encounter trees I am less familiar with (I LOVE meeting new friends!) and will share some of those as well.

These profiles will contain the typical information as to environmental suitability, but hopefully, some lesser known facts, some fun, some maybe cautionary.  If there is a specific tree you would like to know more about, let me know.  I am a “stick chaser”.  If I don’t know something, I love to find out about it.

While studying dendrology, I quickly came to realize not all trees are in every tree identification book.  Which makes sense.  There are far too many.  Many books are specific to a region, which is all good and well if you are trying to find a native species from that particular area.  However, many non-native trees are planted around (and that is a good thing for diversity).  Determining what they are may involve other books.  I stopped counting the number I have after I reached a dozen.  And still look at every one I come across just in case it has some intriguing information hitherto unknown to me or even presented in a different manner.

With that said, my “go to” book (and author) remains Manual of Woody Landscape Plants by Michael A. Dirr.  He has numerous books, several which are still on my wish list.

Please note:  There are many nuances to using plants for food, beverage or medicinal treatment.  I may mention some of these with appropriate citations and/or references as possible.  However, I have no professional experience and am not an authority in this area.  In no manner should any comments in these profiles be construed as recommendations or endorsement. 

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