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By: Sylvia McNeill © 2021 McNeill’s Tree Service This blog introduces the Samson 11.8 mm Tangent Climbing Rope as David’s new preferred ‘go to’ climbing rope.  For those of you who may be reading your first post here, David is David McNeill, owner and… Continue Reading “CLIMBING ROPES”

protos integral helmets

A product review of the Protos Integral Helmets with SENA SMH10 Headsets By: Sylvia McNeill Having used KASK arborist helmets for the past four years or so, David and I decided to try the Protos Integral helmets to, hopefully, improve comfort.  These helmets have… Continue Reading “protos integral helmets”

Tie, Dress and set: The mechanics of successful knot tying

By Sylvia McNeill © 2020 McNeill’s Tree Service Do your shoes stay tied? Or are you having to retie them throughout the day. This was a revelation to me after several years (yes, I am a slow learner) of noticing my husband’s shoes never… Continue Reading “Tie, Dress and set: The mechanics of successful knot tying”

STATIONARY ROPE SYSTEM (SRS) – Techniques and tips

By David McNeill © 2020 McNeill’s Tree Service Previous blogs, Tools of the Trade and Stationary Rope System (SRS) Components itemized the tools I have found suitable for our jobs and my climbing style. In this blog, I would like to point out some… Continue Reading “STATIONARY ROPE SYSTEM (SRS) – Techniques and tips”

Proper Water management

By Sylvia McNeill © 2020 McNeill’s Tree Service Proper water management is important for maximizing a tree’s potential its entire life. It is especially critical during the establishment period after transplanting. The big problem is knowing how much is enough and how much is… Continue Reading “Proper Water management”

Stationary Rope System (SRS) Components

By David McNeill © 2020 McNeill’s Tree Service As mentioned in my blog, Tools of the Trade, I now climb using Stationary Rope Technique (SRT) with very rarely utilizing Moving Rope Technique (MRT). This blog will describe the components within my system. A quick… Continue Reading “Stationary Rope System (SRS) Components”

Tools of the Trade

David McNeill This is not intended to be a comprehensive list of all the tools available in arboriculture. Frankly, that would be well beyond the scope of this blog. Nor is it intended to be a comprehensive history of the development and progression of… Continue Reading “Tools of the Trade”

Terms to understand

Every discipline and industry have their own set of terms. Many of these terms are everyday words but become specialized within a discipline. Arboriculture is no different. Sometimes it is helpful, even necessary, to know and understand the term in order to fully grasp… Continue Reading “Terms to understand”

Common concerns about newly planted trees

Perhaps it is simply human nature to want instant gratification. We plant a tree and, well, we want it to look beautiful and grow vigorously right away! We have this image of a mature, lovely specimen gracing our property, shading our patio, providing all… Continue Reading “Common concerns about newly planted trees”

Quaking aspen

Basic statistics: In the willow family, Salicacea. USDA Hardiness Zones 1 to 6 (you gotta love a tree that can go Zone 1!) General height from 20 to 50 ft; spread from 10 to 30 ft. Bloom is insignificant in early spring. Requires full… Continue Reading “Quaking aspen”